In our nearly 4 decades of operation, Mud Master has gained extensive experience throughout the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.

In addition to over 47 years of experience in house, Mud Master only employs seasoned personnel that work in the area they live in. Our group of consultants possess decades of experience, running every conceivable mud system throughout the entire basin. That expertise can provide considerable peace of mind for our clients.

This experience is particularly evident in three core areas in our recent history.

Southeast Saskatchewan

In partnership with local personnel in Weyburn, Mud Master has decades of experience drilling every type of well in the Saskatchewan market. From Mississippian to Bakken to Potash wells, Mud Master has experience employing a multitude of different mud systems.

Lloydminster – Provost Corridor

This corridor, stretching east into Saskatchewan and west towards Drumheller, is the area with the most Mud Master experience. In the last 5 years, Mud Master and our field personnel have drilled several hundred wells for a number of operators. Everything from Viking to Sparky and Dina wells have been drilled, many of which are now cost efficiently done as monobores.

West Central Alberta

Mud Master has ample invert and silicate experience for any type of well our client may have in this busy area. From invert pacesetting, monobore, extended reach Cardium wells in Pembina, south to Sundre, and north as far as Whitecourt and Grande Prairie in the Montney, Mud Master has experience that will surely benefit our clients. This area is also well supported with ample transportation infrastructure to ensure our clients are in close proximity for any of their drilling fluid needs.