Op-T-Con CS 3001

Short Term Clay Control

Op-T-Con CS 3001 is a specialized liquid product designed specifically for use as a replacement for bagged potassium chloride (KCI). It provides excellent shale and clay control without the logistics, handling and mixing problems associated with large volumes of bagged KCI. Op-T-Con CS 3001 is compatible with all gels, crosslinkers and breaker systems typically utilized in well drilling, stimulation and work over operations. It will not affect fluid pH and being non-surface active, does not adversely affect formulation wettability or create any type of a foaming problem. Op-T-Con CS 3001 may be used in fresh water, acid or brine systems and will not hinder the performance of acid corrosion inhibitors.

Op-T-Con CS 3001 is composed of a sophisticated, mildly cationic complex that functions as KCI to control shale and clay hydration. It may easily be utilized in on the fly systems. If the product is mixed in fresh water and no salts are added, the fluid can be easily disposed of without adverse effect on the environment as it has a very high microtox threshold. Op-T-Con CS 3001 has shown to be very effective in clays and shales that are commonly found throughout Western Canada.