Unique Products

In the entirety of Mud Master’s operation, sourcing and using quality products that meet or exceed all API oilfield specifications has been a key aspect of our business. Mud Master has continually sought to offer unique products that improve our client’s drilling performance and bottom lines. Our goal in introducing new products to our clients remains as it has since our beginnings; to drill better wells for clients, to reduce our clients costs, and improve overall drilling performance. We also pride ourselves on providing safer and more environmentally friendly products to the industry wherever possible.

Op-T-Con CS 3001

Op-T-Con CS 3001 is a specialized liquid product designed specifically for use as a replacement for bagged potassium chloride (KCI). It provides excellent shale and clay control without the logistics, handling and mixing problems associated with large volumes of bagged…

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Op-T-Lube DR 5001

Op-T-Lube DR 5001 is an advanced additive providing exceptional lubricity in a many drilling and completion operations. It is designed as a high performance lubricant ideal for reducing friction, drag and wall sticking. It has a high affinity to metal…

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Mud Safe CR

Mud Safe CR® is the first safe alternative to replace the use of dangerous caustics in modern drilling and completion fluid systems. Mud Safe CR® is a synthetic caustic replacement that can be used to maintain or increase pH. It…

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